Like a thousand liters of seawater on your skin


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January 13, 2018 3 min read

A gentle, barely noticeable breeze caresses our skin. The air tastes salty. Sunbeams glisten on the deep blue water. The view sweeps to the horizon, where sky and sea meet. A walk on the beach makes you free and happy. All the worries of everyday life are carried away by the roaring waves. Finally we realize: Life is beautiful. Beach and sea pamper the senses while serving as places of relaxation. We'll tell you what lies behind the unique magic of the oceans.

The sea - balm for body, skin and soul

Actually, it's just salty water - a lot of water. Finally, the sea covers about 70 percent of the earth's surface. However, many people dream of longing for a holiday on the beach, to escape the stress and recharge their batteries. Researchers have found that proximity to the ocean has a positive impact on the human psyche. The seemingly endless vastness of the sea plays a decisive role in this. We admire the dance of the waves, feel humility before the beauty of nature and let our thoughts flow. In addition, the invigorating sea air is a blessing for our skin and the respiratory system.

The sound of the ocean calms the nerves

The sound of the sea is louder than street noise or a row of voices in a department store. But the constant effervescence of the waves sounds like music in our ears. Why is that? Beach and sea are opposite poles to monotonous everyday life. We can watch the tide game for hours without getting bored. On some days, the waves gently lapping on the beach to flush the sand off our skin. Occasionally, the ocean also shows its wild, impetuous side. Then the waves break with thunderous noise and we still feel relaxed and relaxed. After all, it's not just the volume that determines whether we find a sound comfortable or disturbing. Rather, it depends on what we associate with this noise.

A view of the sea awakens the joie de vivre

The sea is reminiscent of fantastic holiday trips, carefree holiday adventures or romantic sunsets on the beach. A glance at the turquoise waters of the ocean can help to organize your thoughts. We feel elated and alive as we explore the beach and leave footprints in the warm sand. In ancient times, on the other hand, people feared the imposing power and the dark depths of the oceans. It was only towards the end of the 18th century that brave beach visitors began to bathe regularly in the sea for recreational purposes. Soon after, these people also discovered the soothing healing properties of the salty water.

Sun, beach and salt water make the skin shine

Every stay on the beach promises relaxation for body and mind. A jump into the cool water not only strengthens the immune system, but also stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism. Salt water dissolves dead skin cells and has a slightly anti-inflammatory effect. For this reason, the skin appears pleasantly soft after swimming in the sea, visibly refreshed and noticeably smooth. People with allergies or respiratory diseases also benefit from the clear and moist sea breeze. Tip: Sand scrubs or bath salts with sea salt bring the health-promoting effect of beach and sea to your home.