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September 13, 2018 4 min read

This article, my friends, is about a revelation. An epiphany. A revelation that there is a T-shirt that is good for your skin. Its name is GREY, and it is made of a revolutionary fabric that nourishes the skin while you wear it. I am the proud owner of this magical t-shirt and I am happy to share it with you today!

In the era of almost inevitable polyester, I really have to say that I am more than impressed when I find out that there is a tissue like Vitadylan. I know you've probably never heard of it, but today is the day! :) I will start with some important facts and then show you how my day in GREY looks like. Let's go!

Important facts about GREY:

  • It consists of Vitadylan - the world's first cosmetic tissue that nourishes and cares for the skin. It contains Icelandic algae and medicinal zinc. You can learn more about this revolutionary fabric here.
  • It's incredibly soft! Twice as soft as cotton. Wearing it feels like caressing the skin. So I warn you, GREY could mess up the relationship with all the other t-shirts you've worn before. :)
  • GREY moisturizes the skin - the tissue releases natural vitamins A, C and E as well as minerals from Icelandic algae. Basically you don't need to use any lotion, wearing GREY acts like a skin care. As you wear it, the minerals and vitamins contained in the fabric itself are absorbed by the skin. Sounds like magic, right? But as long as you can wear it longer, you'll feel what I mean.
  • GREY is produced in a sustainable way - with 97% less water consumption and fewer CO2 emissions, which is not only kind to the skin but also to the environment. For comparison: A single cotton shirt is made from 2700 litres of water. To produce a grey shirt, on the other hand, only 70 litres of water are used. No chemicals are used, it is environmentally friendly, conserves resources and is biodegradable.
  • All GREY products are 100% made in Germany and Europe - from the fabric to the finishing. The team behind this brand stands for fair working conditions and guarantees exquisite quality and very durable products. The brand comes from Berlin and since I spent so much time there and have wonderful memories, this fact made me feel even more special about GREY.


Well, let me show it and tell you how I spent my day in GREY! This is also how my normal days usually look like. Minus in the morning, and you'll see why.

I woke up in the GREY in an old town hotel. I don't wake up there every day of course (but I wouldn't mind, haha). I took it with me because I knew it would go perfectly with our suite.

Even when I'm at home, I get up, often have a little breakfast in bed and then dig myself into work. Most of my work takes place in the home office, wherever that home is at the moment. I am very happy to have a job that is quite independent of location. I do social media marketing, am a photographer and also blog so I can carry my job with me wherever I go :)

Then I went to the first district, to my usual photo path (no, you can't imagine how many pictures of Vienna I have! :D). And to have coffee with my friend Alex.

Alex was also my victim for the day - she had to take all these pictures of me. :) Thanks Alex, you're the best! <3

The day turned out to be rather grey, as you can see. So there was nothing left to do but to go on a spontaneous shopping spree. What else can I say, but that the weather has decided to match the shirt!

The shopping made us hungry, so the next logical step was of course a late lunch! We drove to Miznon to get some delicious, tasty food. I had ratatouille and Alex had her famous roasted cauliflower.

After that I was on the road, walking around, also had a business meeting, which I couldn't photograph for obvious reasons :)

In the evening I met my friends for an ice cream in Tichy! We did this to break the rain spell!

I wish I could show you that I also do sports or go to a club. But the truth is - I'm too lazy for sports and I can't stand going to clubs... So yes, my normal day in GREY consisted of work, photo shoots, meetings, meetings with friends and lots of food!

It was a grey, but really pleasant day, with activities that I enjoy! Even the rain. Wearing the GREY shirt made this day even more comfortable. This shirt may look ordinary, but it is anything but. Feels as good on the skin as the softest hug! It also goes with just about any outfit, be it when you have to wear it to sports, run errands, go out with your friends?

Now it's been almost a month since I started wearing GREY and I can really confirm that it's hard to take it off because it feels really good on the skin! And as incredible as it sounds, I really feel that my skin has become softer than before. This is not the result of a lotion or a body butter, because although I like to buy them, I don't like them at all. And anything that makes my skin sticky. I have to get the Grey Two shirt with long sleeves, because especially in winter I always wear Basic T-shirts under my clothes. We all deserve to be pampered sometimes with a piece like GREY, which is high quality, revolutionary, durable and also good for our skin. Once you put it on, I'm sure you'll agree with the brand's slogan, just like me: "If only I had a shirt, it would be a GREY".


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