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January 16, 2020 3 min read

Winterproof with a trace element? Zinc is multi-talented and essential for our organism and GREY. These five characteristics show why we too do not want to do without them.

Feel good with GREY | Model: Influencer Katja from @cestlevi

Zinc is, next to iron, the most important trace element and mineral in our body and has a vital function for our organism - in many different ways. Zinc is therefore a true all-rounder and equally talented in all areas. Specifically, it is involved in the function of 300 enzymes of cell metabolism and is contained in 50 enzymes.

An underestimated trace element

Small, but powerful. While we only store about two to four grams of zinc, the trace element does a great deal. Often the trace element meets with too little hearing. Almost two thirds of the body's own zinc is in bones, skin and hair and not in our blood. Zinc is used in cosmetics, or even, as with GREY, in textile fabrics. Zinc, like so many other vitamins, must be taken in with food and cannot produce itself in the body. Due to the low amount of storage in the organism, a deficiency can therefore occur sooner or later, depending on lifestyle and food variety. This manifests itself with a delay and is generally difficult to determine exactly because our blood only contains a few milligrams.

This makes it all the more important to listen to your own body and observe possible symptoms such as hair loss, lack of concentration, weakened immune system and other characteristics.

Five things that make zinc essential for GREY

The skin caring, concentrated power of vitamins, trace elements and seaweed is contained in our fabric Vitadylan™. Medical zinc oxide - a biomaterial and a compound of oxygen and zinc - plays a decisive and revolutionary role for the skin. These five characteristics show why:

  1. Zinc supports wound healing of the skin:as the main protagonist in the cell division of our organism, zinc plays an essential role for our skin and our connective tissue. Zinc is especially indispensable for wound healing after injuries or operations.
  1. Zinc has an anti-inflammatory effect:Due to its antibacterial properties, zinc counteracts free radicals and thus prevents inflammations in the first place. Skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and intestinal diseases can be treated positively with zinc.
  1. Zinc protects us from UVA and UVB radiation:with zinc as the building material of our skin, the skin's own protective barrier is safe from heat, cold, but also UV radiation. Once sunburn has set in, zinc ensures rapid healing and is involved in the formation of new skin cells. Zinc is therefore essential every day and all year round.
  1. Zinc ensures a positive mindset and well-being:Thinking made easy. Zinc is significantly involved in our brain functions and therefore vital. The micronutrient also plays a full-time role in the production of serotonin - our happiness hormone. The same applies to dopamine and GABA, two other neurotransmitters that provide our drive, motivation and a calm, peaceful sleep. Zinc therefore has a decisive influence on our mood, attitude and state of mind.
  1. Zinc is a virus killer:In winter, viruses and bacteria often accumulate, since dry and cold air prolongs the life of the disease-causing organisms. Heating air, the change from cold to warm and stress give us the rest. However, with sufficient zinc reserves, this does not matter, because zinc is a real virus killer and strengthens the immune system. At the same time, it improves the mucous membranes so that viruses can only spread with difficulty. Colds are therefore considerably shortened thanks to this all-rounder.

Especially for the icy temperatures and months ahead, warming clothing is at least as essential as our trace element. With GREY we therefore combine functionality with essential elements of our organism. Because our specially developed Vitadylan™ fabric contains medical zinc oxide in addition to algae.

Interesting fact: Medical zinc oxide has an antibacterial effect and reduces unpleasant odours in a natural way. Convince yourself and get ready for winter with one of our GREY longsleeve shirts.


Are you overcome with winter depression? Don't worry, we'll lighten your mind:



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