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June 10, 2019 4 min read


If we want to make our wardrobe more sustainable over time, "key pieces" are essential. I introduced you to GREY Fashion at the beginning of the year and gave you some insights into the philosophy and background of the brand, remember? In any case, since then I wear my longsleeve on every occasion and would like to introduce you to my looks and the occasions on which I wear my sustainable Basic Shirt. Sustainability in the wardrobe is becoming more and more important for me since I have been dealing with the topic more intensively. It doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to buy new parts or run to the container and throw all my fast fashion items in the trash.

The longsleeve by GREY Fashion is a new garment in my wardrobe since January. The thoughtful production process allows me to add this new piece to my ever more thoughtful selection of clothes with a clear conscience. The cut and the colour leave a lot of room for manoeuvre and I can combine a lot with this piece. Step by step I am getting closer to a wardrobe and look that fits my attitude and does justice to our Mother Earth. Besides, I'm a big fan of skin care and with this invented material I'm constantly wearing vitamins on my skin - I can tell you, my heart is beating faster with joy. Now I'm curious what you think about my looks and if you can imagine such a sustainable basic part? Just leave a comment below the article. xx Kim



Work kind of rules our lives, doesn't it? We spend so much time behind our laptops, at our desks, in meetings or in completely different places of work. Feelings and moods change very quickly, we start sweating, we get cold feet - we find ourselves somewhere between adrenaline, ambition, great motivation and the longing for the end of work and holidays. So our body is constantly under tension and this does not leave our skin untouched. Therefore GREY Fashion is the perfect opportunity to give something back to ourselves in everyday life. Most of the time I decide to wear pants or two-pieces. Both can be combined casually or elegantly with the grey basic shirt. I can make the outfit more serious or casual, depending on what appointments, events or tasks are pending. All colours can be combined well to a grey and I like to stick to natural tones and this time I have set slight accents with a pastel shade in pink.



Whether going to the cinema, visiting a museum, having dinner with friends or going to the hairdresser, the sustainable shirt is just so comfortable that I wear it for every occasion. You can easily throw a jacket or a blazer over it. Although it is a longsleeve, it looks so chic and casual that it simply makes cool outfits. Each look is finally built on a basic part. Start with exactly these parts and revolutionize your consumption and your wardrobe. Maybe you swallow at a price of 79€, but that is also part of conscious consumption. Because it is not normal that clothes are thrown after us for a few Euros. If production is fair, the material is even invented by the company itself and the employees are to be paid dignified, then a product must also have its price. Try to change your mindset here and question the prices you pay for things. At the end you have a shirt for your money, which is timeless, fits to any outfit and also cares for your skin. 79€ : 12 months = 6,50€ How quickly do you spend 6,50€ per month on a piece of clothing that you find boring the next month, that looks old after washing it or that disappears in a closet somewhere and is never worn? Or compare it to a drink in the evening, a coffee & croissant in the morning, a lunch, all of which exists for you less than half an hour.



When I get on the plane, I am aware that my footprint on earth is a disaster right now. Of course there are ways to compensate for CO2, but if we are honest with ourselves, this does not change the amount of pollutants that are emitted and pollute our planet.

My long sleeve from GREY gives me a better feeling at least for my choice of outfit. I don't want to walk blindly through the world, but I also have to admit that nowadays there are simply other possibilities than horse-drawn carriages, which I like to take advantage of. I don't want to appear hypocritical, so I'll say it right away. However, I want to start and get further and better. GREY Fashion is definitely a beginning for me and accompanies me on my further steps towards a more conscious life.

When I am on the road for a longer period of time, I wear the longsleeve under hoodies or jackets. If it's a business trip, I like to make it an eye-catcher and create an elegant look with which I can be seen at any meeting or event.

Transparency: This article was created in friendly cooperation with GREY Fashion | Advertising.

P.S.: From my heart, I love my longsleeve.

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