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September 13, 2018 4 min read

One day, one shirt, 24 hours with Grey

Some time ago I came across a novelty by chance, which did not want to let go of me completely. It was a piece of clothing, a T-shirt to be precise. But actually not just a shirt but THE T-shirt.
Many of you are probably wondering what is so special about a simple t-shirt, but that is exactly what I want to tell you in this article.

The grey garment in question is a T-shirt of the Grey Berlinbrand. Haven't you met? Never mind, because this is exactly why I am presenting the concept to you today.

For 6 years Marco Grey has made it his business to find the perfect material for his brand and I have made it my business to test the result for you.

The concept behind it is quite simple: As a wearer you should come up with exactly this idea - "If I can only have one T-shirt then it should be a grey one".

naturally nourishing substance
Grey Berlin

The material consists of many different substances (e.g. Icelandic algae) and is therefore the first substance worldwide which is supposed to care for the skin in a natural way. Important vitamins and minerals are released directly into the skin.

So I put the shirt through an endurance test. From sleeping to sports, I wore the same t-shirt for a whole day to see what difference it made and whether the garment felt the same in the evening as it did in the morning.

1. sleep

I have to admit that the shirt is very suitable for the night. The fabric is soft and feels pleasant on the skin. The material is light and hardly noticeable and the neckline is wide enough so that it does not pull up uncomfortably when sleeping.
In the morning I get up with a good feeling and on this day I don't have to change the top at least once ;D.
I didn't sweat - it wasn't 30 degrees at night but still warm enough to start sweating.

the night with Grey Berlin

2. walk & photo shooting

At point no. 2 it was also very important to me personally how the material looks like on photos. Does it wrinkle quickly? Could sweat stains be detected? Or does it keep its promises and care for the skin?
Also here the shirt was convincing, I did not sweat at all although the sun was really strong and I had a jacket over it. Also here the fabric still feels very comfortable and to be honest you hardly feel the T-shirt on your skin. The fabric is just very light and cuddly.

Heat self-care fabric
Grey in the sun

3rd work

I work all day in the office and of course - how could it be otherwise - without air conditioning. The long pants were definitely not a good idea on this day but the shirt is hardly noticeable on the skin.
For the fact that I usually start sweating very quickly, my T-shirt is surprisingly dry that day.
So the Grey is also very comfortable to wear at work and feels light and still dry. Sweat stains are therefore also no existing which is often a danger with a light grey shirt.

4. sports

In the evening I went one better and decided to do some small home workouts and 15 minutes of yoga.
The fabric is totally elastic and easily follows every movement. I can also imagine that this one will survive an evening running session very well. The sweating was even almost completely absent. There were no unpleasant stains or smells, I definitely could have done more sports and then I could have gone to bed with the Grey Shirt after the shower.

To sum up, I must confess that I never thought I could wear a shirt for 24 hours without unpleasant odours, stains or a bad body feeling. The fabric itself always feels soft and the shirt does not smell unpleasant even after wearing. The Grey Shirt is really tough and has definitely passed the endurance test. The only small disadvantage for me is that there is no motif on the shirt. I like to wear Basic Shirts but with such a high quality I would also like to use motives because I would like to wear the shirt in the evening for going out. Whether it is because of your own fabric that you might not be able to put any prints, patches or similar on the shirt, I can't answer you, though.

Shirt light gray basic
Grey Berlin Shirt

All information about this special material the Grey Shirts are made of can be found at
Vitadylan. If you also want to see this very special garment for yourself, you can save 25% on your order with the code Austria25.
Have you seen this badge before? If so, I'm glad to hear about your experiences. If not, what do you think about the special material and the possibility to care the skin naturally by wearing it? So please leave me a comment*This

article was created in friendly cooperation with Grey Berlin


My opinion was not influenced by this and the article contains 100% of my personal experiences with this product.

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