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September 13, 2018 4 min read

"When my girlfriend at the time left me and simply took some of my prototypes with her, I knew that I had to launch my product", writes Marco Grey on his website and I am glad that the shirt idea has developed into a sustainable business, because...

This shirt is not just a shirt.

The shirt of Grey Berlin is nature from Iceland and much love for creativity from Germany. But Grey Berlin is also caring for the skin, because this shirt is made of seaweed and zinc. And yes, that's right, the main ingredients are not admitted: The substance, also called Vitadylan, consists of Vitadylan's production process is similar to that of Lyocell, a sustainable wood fibre. More about this in my ABC for sustainable fabrics. Vita by the way, says Marco Grey, like life and like Dylan from the Welsh mythological world, the "Son of the Sea".

The seaweed comes from Icelandic fjords and can only be harvested in the same place every four years. The raw material is therefore a limited one, which of course - and here one has to be honest - also has an effect on the price. Nevertheless: If you want to rely on minerals, vitamins and trace elements that can protect the skin from cell-damaging free radicals from the outside for a change, you definitely won't go wrong with this comfort functional garment.

How does it work? Care for the skin with a shirt? Does it really make a difference to normal shirts from the junk shop?

The skin interacts with the fibres of the T-shirts, as the natural skin moisture releases the vital substances of the algae. Afterwards the ingredients are absorbed through the skin pores. A little bit like daily skin care with cream, but without cream. By the way, this applies not only to the good fabrics, but also to the bad (hormonally active or even carcinogenic) additives in clothing, such as pesticides, bleaches, chemical softeners, flame retardants or even formaldehyde.

So it makes a difference whether I buy fast fashion or love fair clothing from sustainable and handmade production. It's a bit as if you have to decide whether you prefer to stand in a closed room that has just been freshly painted, or whether you prefer to suck a lot of fresh sea breeze into your lungs.

My Day with Grey

My mimosa body often reacts quite oversensitive to conventional fabrics and is therefore always doubly happy when clothes find their way onto the clothes rail, which is not only fairly produced, but also dyed or softened without toxic or skin-irritating agents from the chemical kit. Also included: protection against UVA and UVB radiation as well as an anti-inflammatory effect, dermatologically tested by the way, for people with sensitive skin or skin diseases. So we have the facts. Now let's get down to the honest opinion.

Personally, I often have stress-related inflammatory spurts which can be felt neurodermatitis-like on the upper body (whether neurodermatitis or not, I cannot say at this point, unfortunately, because it has not yet been clarified by a doctor). But since I got this shirt, and that by the way for about a month, it has, at least in terms of duration and strength, felt a lot better. Zinc oxide also has, yäääs, odour-reducing properties.

Yup, the absolute absence of bad smells when sweating. After 24 hours of continuous wearing without deodorant or perfume (and a little dancing around), neither I nor the shirt smell particularly of sweat and if that doesn't make you incredibly happy, I don't know. Not to mention the fact that this shirt (like my modal body, which I got from another eco-friendly brand) feels so incredibly soft that you'd love to have it as a full body suit, and all this with 97% less water used in manufacturing compared to cotton.

"If I could only have one shirt, it would be a Grey."
This sentence is Grey's advertising slogan and sounds very arrogant at first, but when you reflect on it, it's not even that untrue, because

A basic shirt can be worn for years, never goes out of fashion and forms the basic equipment in the wardrobe. Grey goes with bright colours, but also with gold and silver tones. Grey clothing does not know any unsuitable eye, skin or hair colour. A grey shirt made of high-quality raw material fits perfectly as a pyjama, yoga shirt, with a sporty denim jacket, a soft everyday cardigan, a rocking leather jacket and also with an elegant blazer. A minimalist piece of fabric, off the beaten track, that perfectly nestles up to every other timeless garment on the bar.

As you can see, my small but multifunctional collection of clothes has found a new member and has immediately taken me to its heart. The first naturally caring fabric in the world, which by the way conjures up really firm body contours and I may call it my own until it dissolves into its individual parts at some point and is even beautifully biodegradable. How can you not be excited? Exactly! All right, enough gushing!

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