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September 14, 2018 3 min read

If I could only have one shirt, it would be a grey. A shirt made from a completely new material that is also skin-friendly?

One of my favorite activities is shopping on the Internet and I am certainly not alone in this. While rummaging around I came across Grey Fashion, a fashion label based in Berlin. Grey Fashion promises: "The power of a thousand litres of seawater on your skin." Because Grey has the first fabric in the world that cares for your skin naturally. A Basic Shirt as a skin care ritual?

Now I wanted to know more about it. Because my skin is already much more sensitive today than it was twenty years ago. Skin care is a topic that cannot be ignored at my age. All the more I was excited about the possibility that I could pamper my skin with more than creams and peelings. The fabric for the shirts of Grey Fashion was developed completely new and is called VITADYLAN. It consists of, among other things, Icelandic algae and zinc fibres and releases vitamins A, C, E and minerals from seaweed into the skin. It requires 97% less water than cotton and is twice as soft. All Grey products are environmentally friendly, sustainable and fair are produced in Germany. It's all in one of Grey's shirts:

  • The power of 1000 litres of sea water cares for your skin
  • Minerals from Icelandic seaweed
  • Natural vitamins for healthy and soft skin
  • Twice as soft as cotton to make you feel super comfortable
  • Dermatologically tested, for the love of your skin

That sounds brilliant, I thought - I absolutely had to try it out. The shirt is, as the name suggests, only available in grey. But grey is the perfect colour, because you can combine it with any other colour.

I was already looking forward to the package and was very curious if the shirt would deliver what it promises. After a few days it was there, in an attractive packaging and with a small brochure with dedication. When I took it out of the package, I immediately felt the super soft quality and honestly had the feeling of holding something special in my hands.

fashion walk

I have to admit that I am not the most sporty person, but I do go Nordic walking from time to time. This is not only fun, but also keeps me fit. I like to walk across the fields and enjoy the sun and nature. There I can switch off wonderfully and occasionally I meet a few deer and hares crossing my path. In order to test my Grey Shirt in practice, I took the next walk and put on my soft and cuddly Grey Shirt. Thank God I had overcome my bastard, because the carrying feeling was unique. The fabric even felt wonderfully breathable and fine on the skin during sports.

I could hardly feel the shirt because it's so soft. Then it was put into the washing machine where I could wash it according to the washing instructions at 40 degrees without any problems. There I also notice that there are no annoying washing instruction labels. I usually cut them out because they scratch and rub on the hay. The shirt kept its shape, the side seams stayed where they belong.

Since the Grey Shirt has a great fit and feels silky soft on the skin, I put it on the next evening. This time I combined it to trousers and blazer. My girlfriend had invited me to a garden party. In this weather the onion look is the order of the day. Warm temperatures during the day and quite cool in the evening. I felt really comfortable in my shirt.

Finally I tested the shirt for its comfort while sleeping. And also in this situation the shirt convinced me. A soft feeling on the skin, air permeability and good fit. I am fully convinced and the shirt belongs from now on to my It Pieces par excellence. A Grey absolutely keeps his promises.

Your Anita

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