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October 05, 2019 2 min read

Fair is vegetable. GREY deliberately uses algae as an alternative to materials of animal origin. Why it is worth taking a look at the world of plant fashion.

The fashion industry is no longer what it used to be. Fortunately, because thanks to constant developments in production, respectful treatment of flora and fauna and a steadily growing awareness of healthy lifestyles, the fashion world is opening up fair alternatives and assuming responsibility for the environment, society and ultimately itself. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In many places, materials of animal origin are used for clothing of all kinds. And this also includes fabrics that only open the eyes on closer inspection. In addition to leather and fur, textiles and materials such as wool, silk, feathers and mother-of-pearl or horn are making a wide circle in the fashion world. You can read opening insights and details about the unfair, animal unpleasant materials here.

Plant trendsetter

Alternatives such as textiles of vegetable or synthetic origin are therefore not only the more animal-loving solution, but can be life-changing - as our algae prove to us every day. On the occasion of World Animal Day, it is worth taking another look at the natural textile solutions - for the sake of our animal world.

  • Cotton:probably the most important protagonist in the fashion and textile industry, the vegetable yarn is obtained from the seed hairs of the cotton plant. Characteristics: resistant and absorbent, low allergy. Due to the pesticides and dyes that are now used, it is worthwhile to switch to organic cotton here.
  • Hemp:Hemp has become known as the oldest cultivated plant in the world and can be spun into a strong, durable yarn. It grows and thrives without the use of pesticides and is completely biodegradable.
  • Flax:the ideal summer fabric is and will probably remain linen, which is made from flax. The natural fibre has cooling and lint-free properties - and is therefore less susceptible to bacteria and dirt.
  • Vitadylan:represents for us an uncompromising, herbal solution. Based on Icelandic algae, the fibre we have developed is rich in valuable ingredients - minerals, vitamins and trace elements that not only protect our skin with antioxidants, but also provide lasting care. This is GREY.

You have the need to change your shopping routines and make a statement? Then perhaps our Basic on a herbal basis is just the right thing for you and your attitude to life. Take our miracle algae and the power of 1,000 litres of seawater home and order your GREY Fashion Statement now.


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