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September 17, 2018 2 min read

My reaction, as well as my résumé you can find here.

Clothing that cares for the skin when worn, is produced sustainably and consists of natural fibres? Sounds like a vision of the future that brought GREY Berlin into the present. I was given the pleasure of testing one of these special garments.
When I buy clothes, I pay more attention to not only giving in to the optical appearance. Thus I attach great importance to natural fibres as well as wearing comfort in the last years. In these fast-moving times it is a great challenge not to be subject to the cheapest offer, but to pay attention to quality. Last but not least I have been suffering from neurodermatitis for quite some time and I am aware that some substances only support the itching.

Nevertheless, I would never have imagined that clothes can also be maintained at the same time. The world's first naturally caring substance consists of minerals, seaweed, zinc and natural vitamins. It was produced with 97% less water consumption and dermatologically tested.
But yes, I hold the proof in my hands. For your sake, as well as for mine, I tested my GREY Berlin T-Shirt for 24 hours and here is my résumé.

Less is more!

This has always been my favourite saying and in most cases it is true! As in this one. The shirt convinces by its simplicity. Combined correctly, you will certainly be copied soon!

Skin feeling:
A velvety soft touch of nothing!

You simply feel good and at the same time you know that you are caring for your skin.

My personal styling tips:

  • high waist blue jeans, sneakers
  • gaudy mini skirt, sneaker, many chains
  • under a simple spaghetti strap dress

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