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September 25, 2017 3 min read

Oceans are not only the source of life, but also a source of beauty. Algae are among the most impressive treasures of the sea, as they can make a lasting contribution to skin care. Renowned researchers around the world describe these aquatic plants as anti-aging wonders and especially appreciate their high nutrient density. This is because algae contain valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins that benefit the human skin.

Inconspicuous water plants with sea value

Algae are true survivors, growing and thriving even under the most adverse conditions. Whether in salt water, fresh water or in the middle of the Antarctic Arctic Ocean, algae adapt to their environment and form the basis of the maritime food chain. They can also influence the climate by producing oxygen and binding harmful greenhouse gases. Their concentrated nutrient content is primarily due to a specific feature of their plant anatomy. Algae have no roots. For this reason they use their entire surface area to absorb vitamins and minerals. In this way, nutrients reach the plant cell nuclei directly. Of particular interest for anti-aging research are algae species that occur in volcanic areas, dark crevasses or in the eternal ice of the Antarctic. These resistant species produce existential vital substances that protect our skin from negative environmental influences.

The colourful biodiversity of algae

Seaweed is a life-giver and therefore an indispensable component of our environment. Biologists assume that around 400,000 different algae species occur worldwide. Only 20 percent of this has been researched so far. Some algae can grow metres high, others are microscopic and not visible to the naked eye. Despite all this diversity, however, they have one central characteristic: their high nutrient density. It is therefore not surprising that the adaptable marine plants play a major role in the health and cosmetics industry. Scientists are already convinced of the naturally pure active ingredients of these power plants and are working to exploit their full potential.

Marine cosmetics - algae in the beauty industry

Algae contain the beauty elixir of the sea, which protects, nourishes and visually rejuvenates. They are full of vitalising ingredients that moisturise and activate the skin's cell renewal. The amino acids of the algae are similar to our body's own collagen and are also well tolerated by sensitive skin types. Vegetable proteins provide the skin cells with fresh energy, while the natural antioxidants of algae fight free radicals and prevent the skin from drying out. The rich care substances of the sea algae give new resilience and noticeable suppleness. For this reason, aquatic plants are often referred to as the anti-aging wonder weapon of the future. Researchers have discovered that one kilogram of algae contains as many health-promoting active ingredients as 100,000 litres of seawater. Anyone who wants to do something good for their skin can therefore rely on algae cosmetics without hesitation.

From the depths of the ocean into the cream jar

Seaweed used in the cosmetics industry is thoroughly cleaned after harvesting, carefully dried and then processed into skin-friendly care extracts. This is achieved, among other things, by micro-pulverization. In the course of this complicated process, the cell walls of the algae are broken open in order to get to their nutrient-rich cell nuclei. Subsequently, the concentrated vital substances of the marine plants can be used to produce high-quality skin and body care products. Algae creams and algae baths are among the most effective wellness treatments that can be enjoyed within your own four walls. The versatile aquatic plants can also be used as low-fat and low-calorie powerfood. About 150 species of algae are suitable for consumption and should be on the menu regularly. The antioxidant sea vegetables provide the body with proteins, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, algae stimulate the immune system and support intestinal activity.

Conclusion: Algae are nutritious, invigorating and versatile

Skin-caring cosmetic products based on algae bring the unique power of the sea to your home. Algae are full of vitamins and minerals which have a positive effect on the human organism and also slow down the aging process of the skin. Its plant proteins and amino acids promise an invigorating freshness kick that gives tired cells new vitality. Algae also regulate the moisture content of the skin, providing suppleness and visible elasticity. Furthermore, they are characterized by their good tolerability. Those who like natural cosmetics and want to pamper their skin with oceanic active ingredients will love care products with algae. Discover the revolutionary beauty secret from the depths of the sea.

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