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February 08, 2018 2 min read

Grey T-shirts have conquered their stage and are rightly considered the ultimate must-have. They can be combined in a variety of ways, are comfortable and suitable for every occasion. Here are some good reasons why you should definitely get a grey t-shirt.

The T-shirt for every occasion

A grey T-shirt is one of the absolute basics and as we all know, you can't have too many of them in your closet. These form the basic equipment of your wardrobe and can be worn for years because they never go out of fashion. Therefore, when buying basics, you should always look for a perfect fit and good quality. Among the classic basics is a simple T-shirt with a round neck or V-neck or preferably in several variations.
But all gray is not necessarily gray. The most popular variant is grey-melange, a mixture of many different shades of white and grey, which together form a rather light grey. So it's best to start with this color. Pay attention to a high quality fabric, because a good fabric makes the grey T-shirt look noble and high-quality.

Whether casual, elegant or rocking - grey always fits

In everyday life a grey T-shirt is your reliable companion, because it can be combined with all colours and materials.
Browse a little in your wardrobe and you will find that it matches (almost) all of your favourite pieces.
If you like to dress feminine and classy, combine the shirt with a long or short skirt made of soft, flowing material and discreet jewellery. A pencil skirt transforms it into an office-suitable outfit (especially with a matching blazer) or into a sexy party outfit.
With a leather jacket you give the T-shirt a rather rocky touch, while a denim jacket gives a sporty appearance. In general, the combination of grey and jeans is always a good idea for a relaxed, everyday outfit. Your appearance becomes especially casual when you knot the T-shirt at the side or above your belly button.

A grey shirt is also a real all-rounder in terms of colour. The combination with classic tones such as black, white or even dark red looks noble and makes you look very mature. But also delicate pastel shades are a perfect match, especially with a lighter shirt in grey-melange. Bright colours form an interesting contrast and are somewhat weakened by the grey.
A grey shirt is also suitable for chic occasions. Grey can be perfectly combined with metal tones, especially with silver or gold. A silver skirt or golden pants quickly transform your grey t-shirt into a stylish party outfit. There is no need to economize on jewelry either. A statement chain makes the shirt a real eye-catcher and makes it look classy.
Investing in a good grey t-shirt is definitely worthwhile, because it will accompany you for years.

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