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The patented GREY material Vitadylan™ was developed by us in Germany and can only be produced in Germany due to the complex technology. To keep transport distances short and thus save CO2, we also produce our products in Germany or in Europe. This enables us to ensure quality on site. We work with experienced traditional companies that share our claim to quality and sustainability. During production, we make sure to produce as little waste as possible, because the raw materials are extremely expensive.

The minerals and vitamins are not added to the material, but our material Vitadylan™ consists of them, so to speak. The fibres from seaweed and zinc are woven in a special process. In tests after 100 washes, we still measured about 80% of the original minerals and vitamins. Even a GREY product may be replaced one day.

No. A GREY product smells fresh and natural.

Through the natural skin moisture, the vital substances of the algae are released and an active exchange between fibre and skin takes place. The skin absorbs the valuable ingredients and spreads their effect in a noticeable feeling of well-being. 4 different fibres are processed in the fabric Vitadylan™ developed by us. The official legal designation is 56% Modal, 39% Lyocell and 5% Elastan. The exact composition of the fibres is secret and protected by patents. The main components are the fibres made from seaweed and zinc using the Lyocell process. The incorporated seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) comes exclusively from the unique ecosystem of the Icelandic fjords and can only be harvested in the same place every 4 years. This also limits the availability of this natural raw material. Rich in valuable ingredients, these algae contain more minerals, vitamins and trace elements than any other natural product. With their high antioxidant content, they also protect the skin from cell-damaging free radicals.

Proven effect

The zinc oxide fibre contained in Vitadylan has been tested and approved by several independent institutes for its quality as well as for its antibacterial and odour-inhibiting properties.

The prestigious Hohenstein Institute confirms "excellent protection" against UVA and UVB rays.

The University of Jena has carried out various tests and confirms the strong antibacterial effect.

Added to this is the Modal® fibre made from beech wood using Edelweiss technology in the cellulose process. Lenzing's Edelweiss technology stands for a "symbiotic" production process - the raw pulp is produced at the same site as the Modal fiber itself. This allows energy and resource-saving production. What is special about the growth of beech is that it reproduces by means of so-called "rejuvenation" and thus the stand spreads by itself. Artificial irrigation or planting is not necessary. Thus beech forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw materials. Only beech wood from forests that comply with the respective forestry law and are sustainably managed is purchased.

The low fibre stiffness and the cross-section of Modal® make the fibre a natural softener. Measurement of the softness factor shows that Modal® is twice as soft as cotton (Kawabatas's Evaluation Systems for Fabrics). In order to achieve high wearing comfort and a good fit, Vitadylan™ also contains a proportion of elastane.

GREY was initially a private project and not planned as a company. All development steps and research were commissioned and financed by the company itself. Due to the complexity of the new materials used, conventional procedures cannot be used in many areas. In addition, partners had to be found who then developed special solutions for us. Every single step is monitored by GREY. We know every supplier and every production facility. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality and sustainability of our products in the long term.

Our claim is to produce absolute basic products for every day. These can be combined well. We will gradually expand our range with suitable products.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in our special colour grey melange. We are not planning another color at this time.

1 KG dried seaweed contains the active ingredients from 100,000 litres of seawater. A GREY product contains on average about 12.5 grams of seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) from Iceland. Rich in valuable ingredients, these algae contain more minerals, vitamins and trace elements than almost any other natural product. This quantity corresponds to the active ingredients of 1250 litres of sea water.

The material Vitadylan™ developed by us is 20 times more expensive than conventional materials.