Like a thousand liters of seawater on your skin


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The world’s first naturally nourishing fabric.

We have developed the worlds first skin nourishing fabrics. It releases natural Vitamins A,C and E as well as minerals from Icelandic seaweed to your skin. It is daily skincare without lotion.

We are firm believers in protecting our skin and our environment. So we use sustainable methods to produce our nourishing fabric: With 97% less water consumption and 90% less CO2 emissions. We refuse to follow fleeting trends, focusing instead on durable quality. Our basic line is the perfect fit, no matter the season.


Four different fibers in one fabric

Vitadylan™ is made from four different fibers, including medical zinc and Icelandic algae, which release vitamins and minerals into the skin.


Twice as soft as cotton

GREY products: It doesn’t get softer than this. Our fabric is twice as soft as cotton.


97% less water consumption

Our products need 97% less water and 90% less CO2 than cotton products.


Made with love in Germany

We are a German company, and we make our fabrics in Germany.

The power of a thousand liters of seawater on the skin

Being by the sea makes so many people feel good, free, and healthy. Your skin gets so soft, and the moments are magical.

We want you to feel good every single day – no matter your distance from the sea. So we have developed a fabric that nourishes your skin with the positive properties of seawater. Vitadylan™: The world’s first nourishing cosmetic fabric.

Vitadylan™ is twice as soft as cotton and contains Icelandic algae and medical zinc. The minerals and vitamins from these substances are absorbed by the skin as you wear your GREY product. One single GREY shirt contains the active agents of more than a thousand liters of seawater.

Not a single compromise on quality

Each of our products is 100% made in Germany and Europe: From fiber to yarn to finished garment. That way, we can guarantee fair working conditions and the highest-possible quality at all times. This is what GREY is all about.

Sustainability is important to us

Developing environmentally friendly products is our labor of love. The Vitadylan™ fibers are made in the same environmentally friendly way as lyocell. No nanotechnologies or aggressive chemicals are used to produce the fabric. The fibers are made of a biogenic material that is environmentally friendly, resource-saving, and biodegradable.

We do not use cotton. It takes around 2,700 liters of water to produce a single cotton shirt. At GREY, we get by with 70 liters of water for our shirts made of Vitadylan™, smashing our target of using 90% less water than cotton garments.

Twice as soft as cotton

Instead of cotton, we used a natural fiber made of beechwood. Not only is this a renewable resource, meaning it is completely sustainable, but our fabric’s softness is proven to be twice as good as cotton.

Quality of life

GREY makes you feel good in your skin, every single day. The fabric’s softness against your body and the spectacular sense of wellbeing can improve your quality of life. GREY products are so comfortable and soft that you won’t want to take them off. Whether you’re going to a meeting, party, yoga class or bed, they nourish your skin as you wear them, making them the perfect fit for day-to-day activities.